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    Setup pada Printer Server Laserjet 4050

    Maaf ini baru dicopy dari suatu forum : Another way to configure: on the HP 300 hit and hold the test button on top of the print server. This will print a test page to an attached printer. The default print file will be PCL. this page will give you the IP address of the Print Server. (This assumes that you have DHCP running on your network and the printer grabbed a legitimate IP address) from a command prompt c:\telnet “ipaddress from test page” to set ip address: ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx note that the ip: must be in lower case. set subet-mask: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx set the default gateway if needed default-gw: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx might as well set host name IP only. host: MYPRINTER note that MYPRINTER is only alpha characters. if you need help at the prompt: ? <ENTER> wi


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